Most children at the age of 4 and 5 begin to develop greater independence, concentration and self-control. They are able to express their feelings better as their language and cognitive skills have strengthen. In general, children at this age continue to master the necessary skills to self-identify and self-regulate.

Because of the characteristics of this stage, we like to call it the Age of Warriors. A warrior is fearless, brave and experienced. Our Warriors are encouraged to “fight the good fights”, the fights for peace. They continue to be motivated to use alternative ways to solve conflicts, express their feelings and manage their emotions. They are challenged to observe, think, and respond critically and creatively about facts, family, society and culture.

At Mi Pequeña Academia, we also instill good values that our Warriors can take with them and use them for life after they graduate. Our Warriors strengthen their minds and bodies daily to develop healthy habits, and the necessary cognitive, physical and emotional skills for a successful beginning in Elementary school.

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