The third year of age is probably the most crucial time in early childhood. Positive and negative feedback influence the child’s self-esteem. Preschoolers’ emotional development becomes increasingly complex as they learn to distinguish between fantasy and reality, understand friendship, become self-aware, take notice of rules, and learn to decide if a behavior is right or wrong within their family and social groups.

At Mi Pequeña Academia, we see this as the stage of becoming a Hero. Three year olds see friendship as having someone they can play and talk to. They are interested in helping their peers and caregivers. While experiencing fear, three year olds love to feel admired for courageous acts. Such behaviors set the beginning of the recognition of social cues and the development of compassion.

Our Heroes are encouraged to discover their own abilities and fine qualities, recognize their peers as friends, and find opportunities to help others and be courageous. Our Heroes are “trained” in the use of positive ways to express their feelings and manage their emotions. They learn to use their developing creativity to express themselves through art and free scientific exploration. Our Heroes exercise their minds and bodies every day to develop cognitive skills, strong bodies, and healthy habits.

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